Monday, December 25, 2006

Time goes by so fast.

Where does the time go. I didn't think it had been that long since my last post..but it has. At lot has happened this month..
* My eldest daughter Lateisha had her 14th birthday
* I have just about finished another month of Bootcamp
* Glenn and i managed to get 90% of our Christmas shopping done in 2 days
* I'm about to be draged out to the boxing day sales.....this will be my first time...
and Christmas will be forgotten about in a week

Well i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day..
We spent Christmas Eve with the Glenn's family. We had a greate day eating, swimming, eating, swimming, eating a little more & kids swimming a little more until we all complain that we have eaten to much and are water logged.
All I can say is bring on January Bootcamp because after what i have eaten over the last 24hrs, i think im going to need a very good work out.
We had bring a friend day on Saturday at Suttons Beach. I am so glad we dont do it on the beach all the time... I was so glad when Glenn said he would come along to see what i have learnt to love so much. He did enjoy it and i managed to hold my own and not make a fool of myself . I knew he would do well as he has a pretty active job, but i think he forgot how i felt in my first week way back in November... I felt like i had been hit by a truck - I could feel every muscle i forgot that i had and the second day after your first is always the best...haha. Sorry I can't stop laughing.....Glenn is sooooo sore and wouldn't make any sudden moves and wasn't in a hurry at all today...but in the end he did say he liked it... He said he still wont give my any sympothy as its all self -inflicted.

Starting Bootcamp was the best thing i did. I was close to lighting up again as my easy fix to loosing the extra weight i gained after i quit smoking , so now if you ask me if i want a smoke or want to go for a jog....the jog wins every if you don't find me scrapbooking you will find me in the gym/bootcamp.

Speaking of scrapbooking, i would like to share a layout i did after we got back from holidays in October. You cant rush these things.

This is one of the rare family photo's now that the girls are getting older and it is no longer cool to be seen with us.. I hope you like...I hope to get a few pages done over the next week while i'm on holidays....fingers crossed.

I hope you all enjoy the holidays and have a safe and Happy New Year...See you in 2007

Friday, December 01, 2006


Hooyah.....we did it...we survived Bootcamp
If you had asked me 4 weeks ago to name any of the people in the photo i would have said "Yeh right", and today when i was showing Glenn the pics i had taken i was happy with myself that i could name everybody... these have been my new friends 3 mornings a week for the past 4 weeks, while we all try our best to get fit. Some have had some great results Steve(middle-top of tyre) lost 10kgs, with a few of the girls having great results loosing up to 6kgs, but what we all got out of it the most was improved fitness and the pleasure of making new friends. I must say the funniest person i have met in a long time is Jo (middle-bottom of tyre) and just because she is hidding, Jamie needs a mention as well. My fitness partner in crime is Kylie (front left) We have very similar fitness level and found it easy to push each other that little bit harder.
Now if you ask me do push ups on my toes, grunts or go for a 40minute run, i am happy to join in. (Well maybe not to happy to do the grunts.)
For the past weeks these guys have brought out the best and the worst in all of us, and the best this is that most of us are coming back for more in December.
You do grow to like them after the first week.
Here you see Sarge Griffiths doing his punishment for calling Sarge Magiver by is first name.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Well, i survived my first week at bootcamp. I even have injury to show for it. Well not a full on injury, we all have a very nice (nasty) rash from rolling around on the grass. It's hard work, but i look forward to seeing the results in 4 wks. I have notice that my fitness level has increased, so thats something. I do plan to scrapbook a page about Bootcamp. I already have a name for it -"The Good, Bad and the Ugly" For those of you not sure what boot camp is. If you watch The Biggest Loser when Bob takes them to the beach for their work out - well thats how i would explain it. Lets just say i have a new fondness for those people on the show.

I am still working on a layout at the moment that has been bugging me for the past week, but i would like to share another layout that i did while i was on holidays.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm still in the wedding mood. It was the most romantic wedding I have been too in a long time. There wasn't a dry eye in the chapel. (Including the Bride and Groom) The Chapel overlooked the ocean and with the sounds of the waves , the soft breeze, it all made for a beautiful setting.
Everything about the day was just so prefect.

I know holidays are for relaxing and spending time with the family, which i did. But i couldn't help myself. Here are the pages I got done on holidays.

Now the holidays are over, it's back to normal life and time to loose the extra few kilo's that spending time with good company and fine food has put on.

I started Bootcamp (fitness program), this week so fingers crossed i will be a new person in 4weeks. I have taken a before photo and cant wait to see the after shot. Will keep you posted.

Well i hope you all had better luck than i did with the Melbourne Cup. Hands up for a public holiday in Qld.....

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A weeks holiday is never long enough. I need another week of to get over the one i just had..
It was nice to get away. The weather wasn't that flash for the first half of the week, but made up for it at the end. The girls and I did loads of shopping. Cairns Central was great retail therapy.
I think we should have shares in SUPRE' by now. The girls and I spent a lot of time at the resort laying around the pool. Glenn wasn't into the shopping like we were...don't know why... he didn't get left out. He went out with the boys Go kart racing, Deep Sea Fishing and of course they got a round of Golf in before the wedding.

The wedding was just beautiful, it was in a little chapel on the beach front. It was a small gathering with just 12 of us all in total including the bride and groom. Which i think made it all the more special. It was the first wedding i have been to where all the girls went barefoot to the reception...including the bride. We had the reception on the beach. It was just great. The food was just to die for. (Look out Boot camp here i come) I cant beleive how good food taste when your on holidays. Glenn and I both came home a little rounder. Food taste so much better when you don't smoke. (It's been 6mths now)

Just in case your wondering..I did get some Scrapbooking in. I only got 2 pages done, but i was happy with my efforts. Will share with you as soon as i take some photos.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

How bad do you have to be to be called a "Scrap-a-holic"? Glenn and I are taking the girls to Cairns for a friends wedding tomorrow and as much as I've been looking foward to this trip all year, I am also looking foward to getting some Scrapbooking done... I know most of our days are full with sight seeing, shopping, sight seeing and more shopping, oh and a wedding, but you must agree with me when i say that scrapbooking is a great way to unwind after a nice day in the tripics..
Mind you i love this rain we are getting tonight, its also good scrapbooking weather.
Well I'm of to pack (there's nothing like leaving things to the last minute).

I did this page a few months ago and now the magazine doesn't want it i can finally share it with you all. Lucky i have thick wont stop me from trying again. I hope you all enjoy it.. This is my darling Ashleigh. (Just got contract for this layout 24-1-07...look out for Vol8 No11)yeh ha they want it after all.
Have a great week everybody and will talk to you all next week when we return to normal life....

Monday, October 09, 2006

Well i'm sorry the holidays are over. I really enjoy hanging out with my girls. It was finaly warm enough to use the pool for the first time since we had it put in way back in May. You couldnt get the girls out, and towels, my god why cant they learn to hang them up to dry instead of using 10 towels a day.
Do you ever think to yourself "why the kids are busy, i'm going to get creative" and then when you sit down you get scrappers block. I hate when that happens. I started this page and it turned out completley different to what i had planned. I love doodling at the moment so all my pages have a little. I had no intention of doing it on this one but as you can see i couldnt help myself.
The girls don't get to see their cousins very often and as usual Lateisha looks like she is enjoying them, but they just love her and Ashleigh gets to act like a 2yr old and get away with it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Well today we all got to watch as Australia said good-bye to a great bloke Steve Irwin. Like many of you i shed a tear. Many in fact. !!!!Crikey!!!!

Today i am able to finally show you the page I was working on a few weeks ago. Sorry i couldn't show you earlier but i just wanted to wait to hear back from the magazine. Lucky I have thick skin. I am happy to say that i did submit a layout that go accepted. Will keep you all posted when that comes out. Just goes to show that you should never give up.

Well here it is.. Yes you see right, this is Lateisha with a smile on her face.

Monday, September 04, 2006

I cant beleive how fast this year is going. My mother used to say " There are never enough hours in a day" I used to hate hearing that, but now i am older, how true she was.
I had a great week-end with the family, the big boys went fishing again. I had planed to scrapbook with my sister-in-law, but we spent the night on the computer with her giving me lessons on how to do my blog. We did get our scrapbooking gear out and look at it, I even popped a flower, now all i have to do is finish the page. I'm working on one of those pages that is going to take me a few days. I need to get up and walk away pages. Will let you know how i go.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Passion: Scrapbooking

I was introduced to Scrapbooking 6yrs ago by a old friend of Glenn's. I dont like hosting parties but i was interested in seeing what this Scrapbooking was all about. I invited a few family and friends around and we had a great time. It didnt take long to get hooked. My sister-in-law Joanne and I didnt take long to find all the Scrapbook stores on the Northside of Brisbane. We had no idea at what we were getting ourselves into (neither did our husbands) . Glenn was like any other husband at first, if you asked him what he thought of a finished page he would always say "that's nice babe". After a while i would slowly get some input from him. Now he will look over my shoulder and say "why dont you add this or why dont you add that". It's nice to know he appreciates what I do. Ashleigh likes to Scrapbook with me and is always will to pose for a photo. Lateisha on the other hand always gives me that look as to say " hurry up mum", i dont think we will see to many pages with Lateisha and a smile on her face.

One thing i love about Scrapbooking is the people you meet. I have made many friends while doing this craft.
I like that Scrapbooking is my time, time for me to be me, not a mother, not a wife, just me, let my hair down kick my shoes off and just get with the girls and talk about anything and everything that pops in your head. I love Crops, they are a great way to get to know your Scrappin friend and have a few laughs.

I have been inspired by my sister in law over the past few weeks.. I have always been a fan of her work.

Both our husbands have started to go fishing a lot which means more time for us getting together and scrappin. Here are just a few of my favorite page that have done.

One day you will all see a smile on Lateisha's face.

I was having some problems working out the photo machines at Harvey Norman and somehow managed to print around 20 photos in 6 x 8 size, I didn't think anything was wrong untill i had to pay for them..thinking that i would have been just as easy and cheaper to print them out myself at home, it wasnt untill i picked the photos up that i realized i had made a mistake with the size. So now my new favorite size of photo is 6x8. I must admit they are very easy to work with.

If you wish to view more layouts please visit My Layouts.