Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Passion: Scrapbooking

I was introduced to Scrapbooking 6yrs ago by a old friend of Glenn's. I dont like hosting parties but i was interested in seeing what this Scrapbooking was all about. I invited a few family and friends around and we had a great time. It didnt take long to get hooked. My sister-in-law Joanne and I didnt take long to find all the Scrapbook stores on the Northside of Brisbane. We had no idea at what we were getting ourselves into (neither did our husbands) . Glenn was like any other husband at first, if you asked him what he thought of a finished page he would always say "that's nice babe". After a while i would slowly get some input from him. Now he will look over my shoulder and say "why dont you add this or why dont you add that". It's nice to know he appreciates what I do. Ashleigh likes to Scrapbook with me and is always will to pose for a photo. Lateisha on the other hand always gives me that look as to say " hurry up mum", i dont think we will see to many pages with Lateisha and a smile on her face.

One thing i love about Scrapbooking is the people you meet. I have made many friends while doing this craft.
I like that Scrapbooking is my time, time for me to be me, not a mother, not a wife, just me, let my hair down kick my shoes off and just get with the girls and talk about anything and everything that pops in your head. I love Crops, they are a great way to get to know your Scrappin friend and have a few laughs.

I have been inspired by my sister in law over the past few weeks.. I have always been a fan of her work.

Both our husbands have started to go fishing a lot which means more time for us getting together and scrappin. Here are just a few of my favorite page that have done.

One day you will all see a smile on Lateisha's face.

I was having some problems working out the photo machines at Harvey Norman and somehow managed to print around 20 photos in 6 x 8 size, I didn't think anything was wrong untill i had to pay for them..thinking that i would have been just as easy and cheaper to print them out myself at home, it wasnt untill i picked the photos up that i realized i had made a mistake with the size. So now my new favorite size of photo is 6x8. I must admit they are very easy to work with.

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