Friday, August 17, 2007

Do you ever wonder what to do with those not so perfect photos that you've taken and you really don't have the heart to put them at the back of the photo box. Well i was looking at the photos below and thought exactly that. This is what i call three typical Ozzie blokes, rugged, down to earth and what you see is what you get. This is my darling husband and my two brother-in-laws. Once again 90% of this layout was done using the Cricut Machine.

This is what i call the 30 minute quickie. I wanted to do a simple layout with little fuss. This is my girly girl Ashleigh. She just loves when i do pink pages for her.
I'm feeling very romantic this week-end. Glenn and i celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. He gave me the most beautiful card with the most beautiful words written by him that bought tears to my eyes. I hope to do a page for him to let him know just how special he is. Even though he already knows, i know he likes it when i do layouts for the two of us.
I hope everybody is keeping well and has managed to stay clear of the dreaded flu that is going around. Glenn and i took Lateisha and her friend to the EKKA last week end and if you ask me- it is a great way to waste money, But for the girls they had a great time. Ashleigh on the other hand chose to go to a friends house instead, which if you ask me was a smart move. We felt we should spoil her a little more with the show bags to make up for her not coming. Well for us that's the EKKA done for another couple of years.
That's all for now but I hope to share more layouts with you soon.
Have a great week-end

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Well i did it, i manage to keep my secret from the girls about the Cristina Aguilera concert. I must admit that it was hard and with the girls having such a busy social life they had made plans for that night. Once we had given them an ultimatum being a party or a concert, it only took them a couple of second to make their minds up... then it was "what are we going to wear".. All in all the girls had a great night and now they are saving for their next concert.. what have i created. Sarah and Ashleigh look excited but of course Teish has that yeh whatever look on her face. She is going through that "I know whats best stage" meaning that you tilt your head and don't look at the camera because of course that takes a better photo...that's right it looks great doesn't it and has left me not wanting to scrap these pictures....aaahhhh to be a teenager that knows all...
I have had some fun playing with some wooden products. Not what i would normaly do but i had fun.

I have also been playing with my Cricut machine. This layout is 90% done with the machine. it was hard not to use other flowers.

Well i hope you all have a great week.

Take Care