Monday, November 19, 2007

After being married for 16yrs, I have just realised one thing...Don't take your husband Christmas shopping, especially when he is in his "Scrooge Mc Duck" mood. Next week i think i will head out on my own. Bring on the 1st December so i can put the tree up. My youngest Ashleigh and i have taken over that roll as Glenn and Lateisha have no interest, it's also good quality time sent with Ash and she can now reach the top of the tree for the angel, i still need a step. At just 12 i already know she will be about 6ft, she gets the height of her dad, I'm just glad neither of the girls will know how much fun it is being 5ft tall.
I have been working on some layout for classes and i hope to share them soon, but here is another Christmas card I did using the Kaiser Wooden Flourishes and Rub ons

Have a great week

Thursday, November 01, 2007

My darling daughters have had better social life than we do at the moment and really both Glenn and I have been feeling like a taxi service, but I have been told that goes with the territory when your a raising two teenage girls or really just teenagers in general...

Why is it that the closer to the end of the year I get, the busier we get..... As much as i love to scrapbook I also like to dabble in a little basic card making as well..... To get me going again, I came across a couple of cards that I did for classes last year....they are so much fun once you get started.....
I will have a few more to share with you over the coming weeks, but be warned, I am a huge fan of Christmas and probably the biggest kid in the house, I had been known for going a little overboard when my girls were little, but hey that was half the fun. I cant wait to really get into the spirit of Christmas..

Have a great week.