Monday, December 25, 2006

Time goes by so fast.

Where does the time go. I didn't think it had been that long since my last post..but it has. At lot has happened this month..
* My eldest daughter Lateisha had her 14th birthday
* I have just about finished another month of Bootcamp
* Glenn and i managed to get 90% of our Christmas shopping done in 2 days
* I'm about to be draged out to the boxing day sales.....this will be my first time...
and Christmas will be forgotten about in a week

Well i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day..
We spent Christmas Eve with the Glenn's family. We had a greate day eating, swimming, eating, swimming, eating a little more & kids swimming a little more until we all complain that we have eaten to much and are water logged.
All I can say is bring on January Bootcamp because after what i have eaten over the last 24hrs, i think im going to need a very good work out.
We had bring a friend day on Saturday at Suttons Beach. I am so glad we dont do it on the beach all the time... I was so glad when Glenn said he would come along to see what i have learnt to love so much. He did enjoy it and i managed to hold my own and not make a fool of myself . I knew he would do well as he has a pretty active job, but i think he forgot how i felt in my first week way back in November... I felt like i had been hit by a truck - I could feel every muscle i forgot that i had and the second day after your first is always the best...haha. Sorry I can't stop laughing.....Glenn is sooooo sore and wouldn't make any sudden moves and wasn't in a hurry at all today...but in the end he did say he liked it... He said he still wont give my any sympothy as its all self -inflicted.

Starting Bootcamp was the best thing i did. I was close to lighting up again as my easy fix to loosing the extra weight i gained after i quit smoking , so now if you ask me if i want a smoke or want to go for a jog....the jog wins every if you don't find me scrapbooking you will find me in the gym/bootcamp.

Speaking of scrapbooking, i would like to share a layout i did after we got back from holidays in October. You cant rush these things.

This is one of the rare family photo's now that the girls are getting older and it is no longer cool to be seen with us.. I hope you like...I hope to get a few pages done over the next week while i'm on holidays....fingers crossed.

I hope you all enjoy the holidays and have a safe and Happy New Year...See you in 2007


Beckie said...

Hi Jody! Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving the lovely comment! You bains sure know how to scrap too! Happy New Year!

Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Hi Jody - thanks for visiting my blog. Your work is beautiful. I have worked out who you are now!!! Hope you have a great week

Anonymous said...

Hi Jody, it sounds like you had a wonderful Chrissy, Love, love that layout Jody, just so gorgeous.

Best Wishes

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