Monday, October 09, 2006

Well i'm sorry the holidays are over. I really enjoy hanging out with my girls. It was finaly warm enough to use the pool for the first time since we had it put in way back in May. You couldnt get the girls out, and towels, my god why cant they learn to hang them up to dry instead of using 10 towels a day.
Do you ever think to yourself "why the kids are busy, i'm going to get creative" and then when you sit down you get scrappers block. I hate when that happens. I started this page and it turned out completley different to what i had planned. I love doodling at the moment so all my pages have a little. I had no intention of doing it on this one but as you can see i couldnt help myself.
The girls don't get to see their cousins very often and as usual Lateisha looks like she is enjoying them, but they just love her and Ashleigh gets to act like a 2yr old and get away with it.


Joanne Bain said...

Wow Jody, Lateisha looks real impressed doesn't
Great LO love the colour.
Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Wow Jody this layout is lovely, so soft, very gorgeous.