Saturday, June 07, 2008

We have all been sick over the past month......I think I was the one who got it started when i was sick for about 36hrs with a slight head cold, while i got over it pretty quick, the rest of the family got a really good dose of it and not just once, both the girls got it twice and too top it off, I now have it again, so Ii hope that it finishes with me....

As much as we need this rain and I just love scrapbooking in this sort of weather, my washing is piling up and i need time for it to dry. I have a dryer but i hate using it.....I just hate wasting power.....If Glenn worked for energex, i wouldn't mind so much but he doesn't and as with the price of things these days the dryer is the one thing that i hate to use. And hows the price of fuel this long week-end....gggrrrr I suppose I'm just lucky that Glenn and I are work-a-holics and don't have a life as we never get to go away that often.

Anyway I thought it was about time I shared some layouts with you all.....I always have plenty to share but as usual I have to wait until I have finished with then in classes.

Have a safe long week-end

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