Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February 6th 2007

Now the girls are back to school, Glenn & I are back at work. It's like holidays-what holiday's.

It wont be long and they are back before you know it.. Has anybody seen any Easter Eggs in the shops yet. Oh hold on, they will put them on the shelves the day after Valentine's Day.

We took the girls and friends to Wet 'n' Wild on Sunday. I think we saw the girls twice, sorry three times the whole day. 1-when we got there and were giving them the run down on the rules of the day. 2- lunch time and 3- when the water park closed. We all had a great time.
Sorry to say that we only applied sunscreen 3 times and still managed to get a little red. I think we were all in bed by 9pm which is early for us, and gee did it feel good to sleep in on Monday morning.
I didn't join up for Boot camp this month. I did however wake up at 6am for a moment and smile to myself because i knew that the session was about to get started and i knew what they had ahead of them that morning.
2 minutes each of sit-ups, push-ups as well as grunts and the best way to finish the session of is with a 1-klm time trial..
I plan to go back in March, but in the mean time i have an itch to get some serious scrappin done. I still plan to hit the gym. I have this addiction with Step class at the moment. I must admit i do feel a little guilty that i didn't join up this month. (Ask me how guilty at 5am on Wednesday morning....hahaha)

I did this page of Lateisha and her best friend Sarah over the holidays. I'm still getting used to the whole using black and white card but i really am starting to like it.

As you can see i still have this thing for ribbons and flowers. I got Lateisha & Sarah while they were in a silly muck around mood and gee did they play up to the camera.

I did have some good news last week. If you remember late last year i was hoping that i was going to have my first page published, and i thought it got rejected. Well I'm happy to say i got a contract and my page will appear in Scrapbook Memories 8-11.. I cant wait to see it in print...It just goes to show you should never give up trying.

Thanks for stopping by and cant wait to finish some cards I've been working on.

I hope you all have a great week.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jody, I am loving your Friends layouts it really does look awesome, and a big congrats on your publication well done. I am not surprised your style is so very pretty, love it !!

Best Wishes