Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope everybody had a great Christmas and a smashing New Year....I did manage to see in the new year....just...i had planned to spend it scrapbooking but in the end i was cardmaking guesed it...Glenn was working again this new year but has already put in to have next christmas night and new year night off.....fingers crossed...don't get me wrong i did have a nice night with Ashleigh and of course Lateisha has a life and had a party to go to.....
Speaking of Lateisha......She got her Learners Permit last in other words, if you life in my area.....stay of the roads......haha nah she isn't to bad....we have been letting her drive the automatic just so she can get some confidence on the road and then we will get her a few driving lessons......but i must say I am pleased she got it.....on her 3rd go....
We had a great Christmas. this year was at Mat and Joannes and they day was really nice. Joanne like me likes to make a fuss and the table decorations we wonderful...I already have my thinking cap on for next year for our turn... I love this because i don't have a lot of the four of us together ....and two cause i think it's funny.....I'm the only one standing up nice of the girls to make me feel tall....haha

Have a great week-end

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